The Vaccine War- Presented by PBS’s Frontline

The Vaccine War link to site

The PBS program, entitled “The Vaccine War” which aired Tuesday April 27, 2010 has generated significant viewer response, mostly in opposition, to the editorial fairness and program content. Were you able to post a response on the discussion forum or were your comments moderated out of the discussion? We would like to hear from you and will post everything that is not a personal attack on another poster or a post that contains vulgar remarks.

In addition we would like to know if you or your child ever had a reaction or vaccine injury, especially to H1N1 or seasonal influenza and if yes,  which vaccine(s), the timeline and symptoms. If you received a vaccine while pregnant since 2002, we would especially like to hear about the development and immune system function of your child. Have you sought information from groups like National Vaccine Information Center ( or Generation Rescue? Have you found the information helpful to the health and well being of the child?

One Response to “The Vaccine War- Presented by PBS’s Frontline”
  1. brittany says:

    Great information! Thanks for the post!

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