Ex-Pharma Rep’s Story Holds Lessons For Vaccine Safety Movement

Gwen Olsen used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. Now, she is a mental health activist, writer, and public speaker campaigning against the very basis of her former job: the over-medication of today’s society, particularly children and teens.

The foundation of Olsen’s argument is that pharmaceutical companies are motivated not by altruism, but by profits – and these profits are dependent on people remaining dependent on drugs, rather than being cured of their illnesses. In order to promote the prescription and consumption of the medication, Olsen and sales reps like her are encouraged to minimize side-effects and otherwise misrepresent the capacities of the drugs they sell.

Those of us who advocate for vaccine safety can recognize the similarity of the tactics used to those used to promote vaccines. Side-effects are discounted, as is the presence of toxic chemicals like aluminum, and vaccines such as the flu vaccine are created so that they protect only against a certain number of strains of the disease. At the same time, vaccines like the flu vaccine need to be renewed periodically, ensuring that patients return for the vaccine again and again.

In addition to needing repeated boosters for immunity that wears off, there is evidence that certain chronic conditions result from the over-stimulation of the immune system and manifest in such illnesses as asthma, diabetes, chronic allergies, and cognitive impairment which require the use of additional pharmaceutical products such as steroid inhalers, insulin, allergy medicines, stimulants and other drugs for a variety of chronic conditions – again increasing the profits of pharmaceutical companies at the expense of human health.

To learn more about Olsen’s work, visit her website and this video at Natural News, or check out the video below:



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