Could Aluminum in Vaccines Be Killing Our Cells?

A new study by Thomas Marichal et. Al, printed in Nature Medicine, has found a disturbing link between aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and the death of cells. According to the study, aluminmum in vaccines may cause cells to die in order to release their DNA and mediate the presence of aluminum.

Aluminum adjuvants are common in in human vaccines, and if this study is borne out by further research, our vaccines may be doing us more harm than good. If the researchers are right, one wonders whether there are any links between vaccines and age-related neurological diseases. As the study points out, we still do not understand the exact ways in which aluminum-based adjuvants act, and therefore, the ways in which they affect our body. It is terrifying that our government mandates that we inject our children with a substance which scientists themselves acknowledge they do not fully understand.


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