Aluminum in Vaccines: Where Are the Safety Studies? |

Aluminum in Vaccines: Where Are the Safety Studies? |. Can you study whether or not table salt causes high blood pressure by comparing it to a placebo control group that receives kosher salt? What kind of result might you get? Maybe the exposed group will have similar blood pressure rates as the control group. You could say that the group receiving table salt had no higher blood pressure than the control group. Table salt sounds inert, benign, harmless, right? Would it be true? Vaccines are frequently studied with aluminum containing placebos. Sometimes the placebos contain thimerosal. Usually they contain all of the ingredients that are in the vaccine except for the viral or bacterial antigens. Should you buy a vaccine that has been given this kind of deceptive scrutiny? Why do those responsible for testing them for safety need to deceive? Important questions in the light of several new articles by Shaw and Tomljenovic on the toxicity of aluminum adjuvants and by Thomas Marichal in Nature Medicine demonstrating that cells eject their DNA after exposure to aluminum. Google the vaccine package inserts and read how safety studies are conducted before you vaccinate.


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