Parental Fears Over Childhood Vaccination Must Be Addressed

Parental Fears Over Childhood Vaccination Must Be Addressed. The title of this article is highly relevant, but the content misses the point. Parental fears have arisen because something is happening to children. Children are becoming increasingly chronically ill and disabled, and the medical establishment wants parents to ignore their declining overall health in favor of stoking fears about infectious diseases. Many parents report that the decline in health happens after vaccination. Parental reports continue to be ignored while legitimate attempts to study whether or not vaccines or their ingredients are causing this epidemic of childhood health and development manifestations are criticized, suppressed, obfuscated with sham studies, or ignored.

Offit and Salmon would like us to believe in their unscientific concept of herd immunity, as if adults still carried vaccine derived immunity to the vaccines they received as children, and as if they have magically acquired immunity to illnesses which they have never been vaccinated against. For the vast majority of adults, that would include Hep B, HIB, PCV, Rotavirus, MMR, Varicella, Hep A and Meningitis. Most adults either have long ago lost vaccine acquired immunity, or have achieved life long natural immunity to all of the diseases children are vaccinated for today. Yet, we are not seeing adults experiencing epidemics of these diseases or “….placing them [children] at risk of contracting dangerous diseases and potentially exposing others to those diseases through a loss of herd immunity.”

In reality, the immunized herd, if it includes all of the unvaccinated adults is a fairly small percentage of the population. Can’t someone who is qualified to analyze the statements being made by Offit and Salmon publish science that will put this fear-mongering to rest?


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