ASD Children and Vaccine Adjuvants

A group of researchers from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey have discovered that children diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who also have chronic gastrointestinal disorders as well as marked fluctuation of behavioral symptoms exhibit distinct immune abnormalities. In other words, these children may be more vulnerable to common microbial infection, which may prompt behavioral fluctuations.

Their research is interesting because it appears to confirm a theory long held by vaccine safety advocates – that some children may be more sensitive to attacks on their immune system (such as those caused by vaccines) and this may have an unforeseen and long-lasting impact on their physical and neurological health and well-being. The researchers examined a particular subset of ASD children who had repeatedly lost cognitive function and exhibited fluctuating behavioral symptoms after “immune insults” – such as vaccination.

Not only this, but the researchers found that ASD children have decreased production of Th1 cytokines, which mediate our cellular immunity. Many current vaccines contain aluminum compounds as adjuvants in order to increase the body’s immune response to the disease. Aluminum compounds do this via the humoral immune system (Th2) which is located in the bone marrow, bypassing the Th1 system. So when we vaccinate very young children we may actually be stunting the Th1 system by leaving it unchallenged during the first critical years of life. The Th1 system is actually more efficient at fighting off pathogens than the Th2 system, so it is not surprising that these children are more vulnerable to common microbial infection, but it is interesting that this decreased immunity goes hand-in-hand with the autism diagnosis.


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