Watch HDNet report on Vaccines and Autism:Unanswered Questions:// and retweet and facebook to your friends

HDNet World Report – HDNet.

Please log on to World Net TV’s website tomorrow morning to see the preview clip:

We are going to need your help in promoting this program. Please consider reaching out to your membership lists and/or facebook or tweet about this report to promote viewership. HD Net TV is a cable network and can only be seen on HD televisions. Since HD Net TV  is a little tricky to view, here are the instructions to view the report:

The program will air on HDNet television next Tuesday night on, August 23,
on the program World Report.  It airs at 9pm Eastern time, 8pm Central, 7pm
Mountain, and 6pm Pacific….then it airs again 3 hours later in each time
zone.  (And it airs once again Saturday morning at 11AM Eastern, 10 Central,
9 Mountain, 8 Pacific).

How to see it?  For people with high def TVs, HD Net TV is on DirecTV, Dish
Network, Comcast Cable, AT&T Cable, and most of the smaller cable systems in
the country.  To find the channel number, go to
<> and scroll down to “HDNet
channel finder.”  To search in a TV’s online guide, sometimes we’re listed
as “HDNet,” sometimes shortened to just “HDN.”

If people don’t have high def, there’s another way to see the show: by
Wednesday morning, you can download it to your computer from the iTunes
Store for a buck-99.  Here’s how:
1.  Go to HD Net TV’s website at <>
and scroll down and click on the large logo that says “World Report
available on iTunes.”
2.  If you never have gone to the iTunes Store before, there’ll be a
one-time-only credit card page to fill out; otherwise, it’ll take you right
to a listing of recent episodes.
3.  The most recent (meaning the one you’re interested in) will be either at
the top of the list or at the bottom.


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