NVIC Vaccine News About the Importance of Freedom to Make Informed Healthcare Choices

NVIC Vaccine News. Watch this informative video featuring Barbara Loe Fisher, founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center, speaking about the right to make choices regarding medical interventions that involve risks. Vaccines are given to healthy people to keep them from getting infectious disease, and should have a high threshold of proof of safety and efficacy.

Today’s IOM report does not, as claimed, exonerate vaccines as a potential cause of chronic illness and disability. In many cases it confirmed causal relationships, and in others, offered neither the ability to refute or confirm a causal relationship. The question remains open and calls for more rigorous independent laboratory controlled studies and vaccinated/unvaccinated comparisons of health outcomes research. In addition, members of the committee said that pressure was exerted on the committee to reach certain conclusions they did not feel were in their purview. Reading between the lines, this is a partial victory for those who claim that vaccine safety claims are weak, scientifically flawed and that more research is needed.

Barbara’s message should be heeded by all who want to protect their right to make choices regarding the risks they are willing to take for themselves and their families, and the NVIC Advocacy Portal is way to have your voice heard if your rights are threatened. If you take your rights for granted, they will surely be taken away.


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