FDA Keeps Safe, Economical and Effective Adult Stem Cell Treatment Out of the Hands of the American People

– Politicol News. This article highlights the abuse of power and heavy handed regulatory power of the FDA. For a decade, the FDA has been preventing Americans from accessing life saving or life enhancing adult stem cell treatments derived from the patients own tissues for cancer, autoimmune diseases and other conditions caused by chronic inflammation. These cells, called Mesenchymal Stem Cells, can be used in their natural state and require no genetic engineering or enhancement. They travel to cells in the body where damage and inflammation are occurring, and give off signals that heal cells and regrow damaged tissues. These treatments are safe, cost effective and heal patients, rather than just treat symptoms. Are these treatments being withheld so that the drug companies can continue to profit from patients who are suffering? go to http://www.CTCICenter.com to learn more about stem cell treatments and how people are recovering from diseases that were once considered chronic.

Call your congressman or senator and tell them that you want adult stem cell treatments available in the USA!


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