Oppose California Bill Which Would Allow Docs to Vaccinate Minors Against Parents Wishes-Please Share

Announcement Details. This dangerous legislation leaves both minors and parents unprotected under the law. Twelve year-olds cannot evaluate the risks of a medical procedure capable of causing injury or death and parents will be left footing the bill for a vaccine injury, because the government has already stated that ‘all reports to VAERS of reactions to Gardasil are a coincidence’ and therefore would unlikely be reimbursed under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. If parents are responsible for the costs, parents should have the right to make the choice. Please send this link to everyone you know in California so that they may make their voices heard to their legislator. The benefit does not outweigh the risk for this particular vaccine, as the rate of adverse reactions exceeds the rate of death for cervical cancer. It is also unknown how long the protection lasts, and whether or not the vaccine affects behavior, making girls less likely to use protection, get annual pap smears, and have more sexual partners. This triple series vaccine contains 675 micrograms of aluminum, a dangerous neurotoxin which persists in the body for decades and is known to cause cognitive and motor skill impairment and social and emotional deficits in animal model studies.

Act now if you want to preserve your parental rights. Use them or lose them.

One Response to “Oppose California Bill Which Would Allow Docs to Vaccinate Minors Against Parents Wishes-Please Share”
  1. Anurag Chaudhry says:

    I am fine with parents wanting their kids to be vaccinated. I do need the freedom to decide whats right for my children and do not want my kids vaccinated against my wishes.

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