Collective Silence Ends A Life Every 20 Minutes in the US

Outreach – Autism Raw Data. This website has links to more information and ways to get involved in ending the epidemic of chronic illness and disability in children. If we do not act, no one else will. Our collective silence is ending a life as it was meant to be lived every 20 minutes, which is how often a child becomes diagnosed with autism in the United States. Other adverse effects including death and other life threatening of disabling disease makes the rate even higher. Fifty-four percent of US children are suffering from a chronic health condition – when are we going to stand together and demand real safety for vaccine ingredients, preparations, combinations and schedules? This epidemic of immune and human potential destruction can be turned around in a relatively short period of time if we have the will – we have the way by just saying “NO – I WILL NOT POISON AND PERMANENTLY DAMAGE MY CHILD’S BRAIN AND BODY. PERIOD.”


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