Parents in California-Watch Out! Merck Lobbyists Are About to Take Away Your Rights. NVIC Vaccine News

NVIC Vaccine News. Please read this very important article about the erosion of the parental right to decide which healthcare interventions feel are best for their children. Girls as young as 12 can and will be asked to make a decision behind their parents backs about whether or not to receive the Gardasil vaccine for selected strains of HPV that are linked to cervical cancer.

This vaccine was just found to have been contaminated with recombinant HPV DNA. Recombinant viral DNA is linked to serious health problems when previously found to have contaminated other biopharmeceuticals. Twelve year old girls have no way of assessing the health risks of this vaccine. In addition to contamination, this triple series contains a total of 675 mcg. of aluminum adjuvant, a potent neurotoxin linked to cognitive, motor, and immune dysfunction, and sodium borate, also used as rat poison.

The fast tracked Gardasil vaccine also has a very high rate of adverse reaction reports on the VAERS reporting system. These reports range from death, strokes, seizures, leukemias, and other very serious health problems. had this vaccine been subjected to the proper safety evaluations and post marketing surveillance, some of these vaccine risks would have been made evident before they made young girls lose their lives or suffer.

If you live in California, urge Gov. Brown to veto this legislation, as it will send a very powerful message that parents, who must accept virtually all of the risks and all of the costs of a vaccine injury or death, should be the ones making the decisions regarding which substances should be placed in their children’s bodies.

Let your voice be heard and protect those who don’t have a voice, our minor daughters, and guard your rights to protect your child from harm.


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