“Contagion” – The Reviews are In!

The #1 boxoffice hit last weekend was Contagion, described as a “cheap trick” and “just plain booooring propaganda movie” despite the “heavyweight” lineup of A list actors including Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslett and Marion Cotillard. The only thing missing from this laughably transparent promotion of unnecessary and unsafe vaccines was a flu shot clinic in each movie theater lobby as viewers exited (oops – let’s not give them ideas). As no other significant movies were playing at the time, Contagion quickly soared at the box office, yet audience reviews gave it a B-.

In the lame scenario, an evil anti-vaccination blogger misinforming the public is pitted against a courageous CDC epidemiologist who is tracking a “deadly and contagious disease” as it spreads throughout the world. Even homeopathy is attacked as evil in this film, as a worthless impotent product, due to its highly diluted state (the very definition of a homeopathic remedy, and why they are so effective). Jude Law, who plays the conspiratorial blogger, tells his readers that the government is not to be trusted! What an outrageous concept! How dare he suggest such a thing, especially about people involved in vaccine “safety” and “regulation” who have invisible angel wings and halos we mortals cannot see.

An increasingly restless public, distrustful after the recent H1N1 scare which swindled billions of scarce health care dollars and placed them in the hands of vaccine manufacturers who have no liability for adverse health effects resulting from their vaccines, seem disinterested in the ongoing game of “crying wolf.” When it comes to these suddenly emerging scary microbes which will steal your loved ones as you helplessly succumb to a frightening array of symptoms, the public ain’t buying it again – we hope. Somehow, according to the fear mongering press, conditions in our communities must have rapidly declined, as we are suddenly in the “Age of Pandemics” as the media has labeled this new era. Is this because Earth has suddenly become a jungle of germs, an Ebola virus hiding around every corner? Or is it that we have developed a Medical/Pharmaceutical/Media/Government Industrial Complex that is tied to Wall Street, that has invested billions of dollars (mostly borrowed we now know) and developed an infrastructure that must be fed like a monster to deliver returns and large CEO salaries and bonuses to  executives.

A real life biotech company engaging in the field of “beat them up and charge them for protection” scare tactics is Emergent Biosystems. As today’s NYT Science Times article states, “Be very afraid.” A recent article by the Center for American Progress details the alarming use of lobbying dollars to dupe the government into buying anthrax vaccine for apparent use by the general public. No proven need, efficacy or safety supports this wasteful and costly endeavor, but the corporate mouths will surely be fed at this 5 star trough. They have even suggested that children in DC public schools should be the research subjects (yes….poor minority children are less costly to experiment on than lab animals, and PETA doesn’t seem to care to get involved) for a new anthrax vaccine and are planning a meeting in Washington on September 22 to vote on approval of this inhumane research study. These companies and agencies involved are counting on the public to remain asleep at the switch while they play this little shell game. The true goal, is to test a new adjuvant, because aluminum adjuvants are linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADD/ADHD, Autoimmunity, Autism and more, and there likely will be a public demand for a recall once all of the independent research being conducted is published. But I have digressed…

Our reviewer felt like she was listening to a script written straight from a CDC emergency preparedness booklet. After the Swine flu flop and the Council of Europe’s report on the scam perpetuated on the public last “pandemic,” a new vehicle was needed for the scaring of women and children as well as bashing those who are trying to inform the public of the Russian roulette being played with their lives. There is no reason we should suddenly be engulfed by such a scenario as described in the film. In modern times, when have we seen evidence of this type of outbreak that cannot be contained with quarantines, medical care and general good sanitation practices? Not that every country has equivalent health and cleanliness standards, but it is common to see people living in environments that would seem filthy and unsanitary by our standards, enjoying perfect health because their immune systems adapt to their environments. What people cannot adapt to, is contamination from intramuscular injection of viruses and proteins derived from the vaccine culture medium  that inevitably become part of the vaccine itself, because no filter small enough exists to extract these unwanted and dangerous ingredients. These dangerous contaminants are linked to malignancies and neurodegenerative disorders.

Homeopathy takes a big hit because natural health practitioners know that in the pandemic in the earlier last century, those who took homeopathy had a very high survival rate, and those who took conventional medicine died in droves. Those who use homeopathy know of its beneficial healing properties without side effects, unlike conventional drugs whose long list of side effects have been subjects of parody. Maybe homeopathy is scaring Pharma, so they need to scare us away from homeopathy!  They take swipes at people who “fear vaccination” and “vaccine deniers” as people who are of such “low cognitive complexity,” that they cannot understand the fundamental principle of how a vaccine tricks the immune system. We like to use a more accurate label, although some are understandably more comfortable with a completely natural approach and are truly anti-vaccine, but “pro-vaccine safety” better describes many of the people who contact, contribute research, or participate in the vaccine safety and informed consent movement. We would like our true mission acknowledged by the media.

The film goes on to pound an apocalyptic drumbeat and attempt to numb us into a state of submission where we will soon accept aerosolized vaccines we cannot avoid (unless we don’t want to breathe) and vaccine ID bracelets like we have passively accepted erosion of rights after the Patriot Act and Project Bioshield. The bottom line is that these companies that have invested billions cannot make a dime if there are no pandemics, so they must be manufactured and promoted through film and media to keep us in such a state of fear and suspense, that we are ready to race to the nearest CVS to stick an untested concoction in our arms or up our noses at the first report of mutant recombining viruses, that some suspect are lab created for this purpose. And by the way, if the movie doesn’t convince you, the attempted bribe of a 10% discount on the entire contents of your shopping cart, that many food stores and pharmacies are offering to lure customers impacted by a desperate economy into taking the vaccine isn’t worth the potential price you may pay from a vaccine injury.

In all, the film is in no danger of inspiring audiences to rush to vaccinate, as the dulled expressions on viewers faces seemed to acknowledge that they had been had. Just like the hype on 9/11 of a terrorist attack that was “credible but unconfirmed,” Contagion will go down as just a Hollywood blockbuster that tried a little too hard and protested a little too much,  to tap at the public’s nagging subconscious that they are being played for fools again, and fools they ain’t.


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