“Fixing” Autism – YouTube

“Fixing” Autism – YouTube. When information about autism, vaccine injuries and reactions, scientific research, and what to do to “fix it” becomes too complex to contemplate, the simplicity of this father’s struggle to love, support, understand and seek help for his autistic daughter Bianca brings clarity to what we can and must all band together to accomplish. Please watch this beautiful and meaningful video tribute of one father’s quest to heal his daughter, and seek to understand and end this epidemic of stolen lives. If you want to be a part of this effort to end autism, chronic illness and vaccine injuries, do your own research on autism and vaccine safety. Send this video to everyone on your contact list. Share the information on Twitter and Facebook. Donate to organizations like National Vaccine Information Center http://www.NVIC.org and specify that the funds be used for research. Join the NVIC Advocacy Portal so you can help fight for insurance coverage, oppose new mandates, and protect children from laws that protect the interests of vaccine manufacturers over childrens’ health. Each one of us can do something to help. If we do, we can “fix autism.”


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