Musical Entertainment to Help you Ward Off the Flu Vaccine

An entertaining musical reminder of what the flu vaccine campaign is really about, and great messages about protecting your health naturally to send to family, friends and co-workers as we head into the season of media bombardment of flu vaccine messaging. According to studies, the more we vaccinate our kids, the sicker they get. We are the most highly vaccinated country in the world, and U.S. children have the highest rate of chronic illness and disability and one of the highest infant mortality rates among developed nations. As numbers of doses of recommended vaccines has climbed, academic performance has declined. Countries with few required or recommended vaccines have low infant mortality and high academic achievement. Is this a case of garbage in – garbage out? Aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and foreign protein are toxic biohazards that damage delicate developing immune and neurological systems – yet many can’t see the connection between the injection of these toxic substances and the epidemic of chronic illness and disability. No action without an equal and opposite reaction? Don’t let your child’s health be taken for granted – do your research and make the choice you think is best for you and your family because you will ultimately be responsible for the costs associated with adverse reactions, not the pharmaceutical industry.

Here’s a couple of fun videos about vaccine safety; you can find another one here!





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