Our Media: Big Pharma Shills

You may have heard that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is on the track to coming out with a malaria vaccine. The media has been all over the story: the vaccine supposedly cuts the risk of clinical and severe malaria by 56 and 47% respectively.

Natural News points out that, while the vaccine may indeed protect against malaria, it also puts children at risk for death and injury from the vaccine itself. The vaccine trials showed that, while the long-term effects of the vaccine will not be known until 2014, the initial trials showed that serious side effects of the vaccine were around the same level as in those given a control drug. Sounds pretty innocuous, right?

Turns out, children in the “control” group received a vaccine that was not the malaria vaccine. Specifically, children between five and seventeen months old got a rabies vaccine, while younger children aged six to twelve weeks of age received a meningococcal serogroup C conjugate vaccine. These vaccines can hardly be considered legitimate placebos – both have their own list of side-effects. So the safety of the vaccine as compared to, say, not getting a vaccine, is actually completely unknown.

None of the mainstream news organizations have bothered to mention this fact. Reading any of the news coverage about this, you would be absolutely justified in believing that the malaria vaccine was a great medical discovery that had no serious side-effect at all. Our media has become one large propaganda machine, shilling for the pharmaceutical industry while betraying the public trust.

To hear what some scientists are saying about studies that use placebos impacting the outcome of the study without disclosing the hidden effects of those placebos, watch these excellent video presentations from scientists and health experts who strongly question the deceptive practice being used by government and industry to keep information about adverse effects from vaccines from being revealed.


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