Please Watch this Important Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin

Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin. Please watch this important warning about serious repercussions the flu shot has had for this family of health care workers. As health care workers are increasingly being forced to get a flu shot or lose their jobs, it is critical that people see first hand the damage one flu shot can do. The costs of the vaccine in this case include the complete and total loss of productivity and vitality caused to the victim, but also the expenses to the health care system for 24 hour seven day a week care to meet every single need to stay alive including feeding, toileting, and bathing.The victim’s family has had to alter every aspect of their lives to care for their mother and grandmother, and the financial, physical, emotional and spiritual toll it has taken on everyone involved cannot be measured.

If this can happen to a professor of nursing, it can happen to you. Is the very small chance that the flu shot might prevent a case of flu worth the devastation of so many lives and the catastrophic drain on scarce health care resources? If you are a health care worker and forced to take this vaccine or lose your job, contact the National Vaccine Information Center to find out what you can do to protect your rights to choose the vaccines and medications you trust and feel are right for you.

What is in this vaccine that could be causing such a severe reaction? Vaccines contain unknown amounts of adventitious agents that contaminate vaccines in the manufacturing process which are too small to be removed by filters or other purifying methods. These agents can contain foreign proteins,  viruses and bacteria from the culture medium that have unknown effects because they have not been identified and studied adequately. Substrate contaminants are known to be biohazards and have been linked to cancers and neurological conditions since the 1970’s. The Swine Flu vaccine of 1976 was a warning our FDA and related health regulating bodies are choosing to ignore. Other recent warnings about vaccine contamination including reports of pig wasting virus in rotavirus vaccine and recombinant viral DNA in the Gardasil HPV vaccine are also being ignored or downplayed as harmless. Toxins such as mercury which is used as a preservative are also known to cause serious neurological symptoms.

Who will protect you? This video demonstrates the serious repercussions of the public’s failure to stand up for our rights when faced with forced vaccination or failure to become fully educated about risks before vaccinating.

Health care workers who are educated and trained to keep people well are ironically being targeted for this egregious violation of health care rights. This message is especially important for members of unions who will be targeted for mandatory flu vaccination to receive benefits, college students who will be targeted and won’t be able to collect their diplomas without proof of vaccination, and others who fear losing their jobs in tough economic times when told to line up to get their shots – or else.

Finally, I want to commend and convey admiration for the dedication this family is giving to honor their mother, grandmother and mother-in-law with the highest quality physical, emotional and spiritual care they are capable of giving. Caring for the incapacitated is not an easy task and requires endless reserves of inner strength, and this family and others out there who have been forced to alter their lives to become caregivers are worthy of the deepest admiration, respect and support. The vaccine victim’s positive attitude and gratitude for the devotion of her family is an inspiration.

We hope this video message serves as a beacon of knowledge that will empower you and inspire you to get involved, sign up for the Advocacy Portal at NVIC, and take charge of informing yourself about any risk that you or a family member may be required to take to simply keep your job.

Finally, take the time to thank Barbara Loe Fisher during Vaccine Awareness Week for fighting for your right  to be informed and to have a choice when it comes to vaccines. Unlike the highly profitable vaccine industry, Barbara and NVIC rely on the support of the public to provide you with this important information. NVIC receives no government funding and sells no products. For thirty years, she has steadfastly held public officials accountable for the safety of vaccines that the public is recommended or mandated to use. Much more needs to be done but this work requires resources to get the message out to the public. I urge you to visit the National Vaccine Information Center website and sign up to become a member and make a donation. The free Advocacy Portal will inform you when vaccine legislation is being acted upon in your state and how you can get involved to protect your family’s rights and safety.



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