Thank You For Being Part of The VaccineXchange Community

The VaccineXchange has been receiving many great suggestions for articles based on peer reviewed published scientific research, news articles, personal experiences and general alerts to events happening in the world of vaccine policy and safety. We want to take the time to thank you for sending us your comments, articles, tweets and other items to share with other members of the community. When we look back to the days when most parents were in the dark when it came to vaccine ingredients, and the impact these toxic ingredients and the schedule as a whole were having on children, we are grateful for many of you who have developed the awareness and are eager to share and inform others so fewer will be in the dark about the risks they may be taking for their children. Our contributors include parents, doctors, nurses, scientists, PhD’s, lawyers, public health experts, child health advocates, government employees, Members of Congress, environmentalists, political activists, members of the media, film makers, and children who are wizened to the tyranny being enacted upon the public and want to take back the power to decide whether or not to vaccinate. As a result of the efforts of this community of sharing and caring, 89% of parents rank vaccine safety as their number #1 health care concern, and over 40% are seeking alternative or delayed schedules.

Don’t be one of the ones who says,”I wish I had known!”  Do your research, read and investigate before you vaccinate, and you will be less likely to have regrets later. Industry counts on you being too fearful of the complexity of the issue and scientific jargon to do your own research, but keep showing them that you are capable, willing and empowered with scientifically valid information and won’t be intimidated by them, the media or doctors who try to throw patients out of practices. If we all stand together, educate each other, and demand good science, we can change the system, and put an end to this epidemic of chronic childhood illness and disability. Thank you.


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