Vaccine Injury Awareness Month: Update on John




Please check out this heart-breaking story of a mother’s experience with vaccine damage: Vaccine Injury Awareness Month: Update on John.

2 Responses to “Vaccine Injury Awareness Month: Update on John”
  1. Thanks for linking to my site and Cheryl’s story. Cheryl has been a very good friend to me, and I’m glad more people get to learn about her.

    • Dear Many Hats,

      Thank you for sharing this story of enduring compassion and allowing us to empathize with you and John. We hope everyone reading this will get involved and in what ever way possible, and do something to help end vaccine injuries so that yours and John’s lives won’t have been lived in vain. One of the best organizations is the National Vaccine Information Center They have an Advocacy Portal, a Scientific Research Fund and an Education and Outreach Program dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths and protecting the right to choose which vaccines and healthcare interventions are right for individual citizens. It’s up to us to make a difference, and we do what we do at the for you and John and the thousands of others like you.

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