How the FDA Plays Doctors and Parents for Fools and How to Stop Them!

Any parent or physician can go look up any vaccine package insert on the internet and read how a vaccine is made, what the ingredients are, how the safety study was conducted, how long the subjects were followed after vaccination, and what parameters were being measured to determine efficacy and adverse reactions. That is why I and other vaccine safety advocates are so perplexed that parents haven’t yet figured out the cruel and evil tricks that have been played on well meaning parents who have trusted their doctors to do this research for them. The evidence of harm and deception is easily available for all to see, yet many are still blind. Why has this obvious deception not yet been widely exposed for what it is – the mass poisoning of our precious children for profit?

Upon examination of each vaccine package insert, the section detailing clinical trials is quite revealing. All vaccines are either studied against an aluminum or mercury containing placebo or another vaccine that contains either mercury or aluminum. Why would our government conduct such deceptive safety studies when the products they are testing are mandated for the most vulnerable portion of our population – infants and very young children with developing brains and immune systems? One click on the previous link and all official government statements about mercury not being harmful should inspire a mass exodus from pediatricians offices. How could those in positions of responsibility be harming our unborn fetuses, infants and young children (or anyone) with a substance of such a known high level of toxicity? Even worse, be recommending this harmful bioaccumulating substance each year through childhood when neuron growth is at its most active?

A methodologically sound safety study would NEVER use a placebo that would have an impact on the outcome of a study, especially without disclosing the impact. The use of a placebo designed to make a vaccine appear safer than it is is FRAUD! The studies are made to appear as if the vaccinated group had no greater rate of adverse reactions than the placebo group, because they are not receiving normal saline as might be assumed, but a neuro and immune toxic substance likely to produce the same adverse results as the vaccine. When you multiply the adverse events from one fraudulent study times the number of doses of vaccines children are expected to receive during childhood, you have a massive FRAUD, POISONING, resulting in DIMINISHED HUMAN CAPITAL of a generation of American children. DIRTY FDA SECRET EXPOSED: FDA does not regulate what ingredients can be used as placebos in vaccine safety trials!

If a middle school student tried to conduct a science project comparing the effect of table salt on blood pressure and used kosher salt as his control, the student might find that the exposed group had no higher blood pressure levels than the control group. Could he then conclude that the amount of table salt tested is safe?  The blood pressure rates in both groups might be higher than they would be if no salt were used. If a vaccine is compared to a placebo that contains the background chemicals that are in the vaccine, could any accurate determination ever be made about safety? How do we know what the true rate of seizures or encephalopathy is in the population that is unvaccinated with this type of hocus-pocus science? Sorry to have to spell it out, but this slight of hand is how our government is deceiving parents into accepting a radically accelerating vaccine schedule, and how the FDA has hidden the high rate of adverse reactions after vaccination and re-framed them as “normal” rates of allergy, asthma, seizures, croup, eczema, rashes, fevers, encephalopathy and other serious immediate or short term reactions. The long term reactions like autism, speech delays, processing delays, learning disabilities, autoimmunity and other debilitating effects are never revealed because the study period conveniently is too short to reveal these effects – although they too would remain hidden with the use of such toxic reactive placebos.

The other very important point parents should be aware of is that our nose and mouth are the two most significant routes of infection, and that the immune response begins with the mucous membranes lining these ports of entry. The initial immune responses designed to protect the body and eject the harmful invaders gives our immune system a chance to develop and mature. Bypassing those important steps in developing lifelong immunity is like trying to eat a steak dinner without cutting or chewing the food. It would be extremely difficult for the digestive system to process a meal without the benefit of the first stages of digestion which begin in the mouth, with enzymes in saliva and the release of nutrients via chewing the fibers and protein. Very little nutrients might be absorbed if it were possible to open a trap door to the stomach and insert a whole steak, baked potato and broccoli dinner, and the attempt to process it might damage the digestive system as the body attempts to break down and expel this meal obtained by an unnatural route of entry. Vaccines are an unnatural route of entry for substances that are foreign, grown on culture that is not compatible to human immune systems.

The human body cannot process foreign protein from culture mediums or foreign viruses injected into the muscle tissue. Our bodies were made to be able to process these foreign proteins through our digestive tract, but there is no hydrochloric acid and bile in the muscle tissue to do this kind of work. These invaders from other species directly inserted into our muscles cause the human immune system to crank into overdrive, and our immune systems do not have the genetic capacity to process these unnatural invaders, nor their chemical sidekicks. The chronic immune response that is generated to try to dispose of substances the body has no defenses against results in a body that is “stuck on sick.”

Parents must be aware that the concept of herd immunity or community immunity is a BIG LIE used to intimidate and create fear to support the vaccine system. The vast majority of adults have never received Hep A, Hep B, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, Hib, Rotavirus, and Chicken pox vaccines. Somehow adults (who make up approximately 60% of the population over the age of 25) do not figure into the calculations for herd immunity when it comes to these diseases. The vast majority of adults have not been revaccinated for the diseases they received as children, which include MMR, DPT, and Polio, and if titers were taken, would likely show no remaining immunity to these diseases, yet somehow this lack of immunity doesn’t figure into the calculations for herd immunity either. The myth that 95% of the population needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity is a make believe fairy tale, as it appears only approximately 90% of the 30 – 40% of the under 25 population is fully vaccinated for most childhood diseases that are on the CDC recommended schedule.

Parents must become aware that the chemicals that are in vaccines are meant to stick around inside the body. Studies have revealed that mercury has a half life (time for half to be excreted) of 20 years and aluminum has a half life of 7 – 8 years. These substances are active in the body during the period they remain, continually damaging neurons and other cells, and are reactive with other substances that that are ingested, injected, inhaled and topically applied during the period they remain in or on the body. Parents who believe they are somehow limiting their children’s exposure to too many toxins by spacing out the vaccines are not aware that the chemicals from the two month vaccines are substantially still present and are active and reactive with those substances in the 4 month vaccines. There might be a slight benefit to spacing them out in terms of the slight delay allowing for additional maturation of the brain and immune system, but other factors including vaccine contamination from the culture medium of foreign proteins and viruses (which is an inevitable manufacturing byproduct) outweigh any safety benefit that might theoretically be gained by spacing the vaccines out.

Parents must also become aware that the US government has invested billions of tax dollars into the expansion of pandemic vaccine manufacturing facilities, and has developed an overcapacity of hundreds of millions of doses per year of vaccines in excess of demand. What will our government do with is excess supply? They have stated a goal of increasing demand for vaccines at 5% per year. How does the government plan to increase the demand for a pharmaceutical product that has little if any efficacy, often makes people sick with flu like symptoms, or worse, and contains a mercury based preservative? FEAR!! Bird flu! H1N1! The newly created Franken Flu that can wipe out half of humanity! Are you insulted yet? Do you feel played for a fool? Did you rush out and get one of those swine flu shots to find out that in the vast majority of cases the circulating virus was not H1N1 and it was no more harmful than the common cold? Are you angry that billions of scarce health care resources are being diverted from bona fide health care needs and that the financial needs of autistic children are being ignored while our government is funding the creation of new viruses that can be used to kill its citizens?

Doctors are being played by the insurance companies who don’t want parents spacing out the vaccines and therefore requiring more office visits and are placing pressure, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics and urging them to “fire” patients who don’t comply with the recommended vaccine schedule “as is”. This intimidation will eventually backfire against the doctors, as it will increasingly become obvious that the doctors care more about insurance reimbursements and the financial interests of the AAP than they do about the families they are supposed to be representing.

Those who are in medical school or starting out in private practice should be aware that pediatricians who are supportive of a parents right to choose the best health practices for their families have as much as five year wait lists of families wanting to become patients. Physicians who listen and who are responsive to families’ needs will win the trust of parents. Physicians who do their own research and who don’t automatically take the word of the industry-influenced AAP, FDA and CDC will survive the next wave of economic downturn which will largely be caused by the overwhelming burden of health and education costs for the chronically ill and disabled youth undermining our human capital and future economic potential.

Parents DO have the power to change the system. Take time and do your own research. You wouldn’t buy a car without testing out other models or reading the consumer reports. Don’t get a vaccine either without looking at the publicly available information. Don’t confuse opinion with fact. Don’t just call a trusted doctor who may not have earned that trust, and may be as much in the dark as most parents are. Doctors receive almost all of their vaccine education and information from the pharmaceutical companies, who produce the material in medical school textbooks and for continuing education for doctors. Don’t listen to labels like “anti-vaccine” that are intended to intimidate and threaten parents who are thinking critically and independently about vaccine choices. If more parents refuse to take every vaccine that has not been tested against a true placebo, has not been tested in the combination it is administered, and has not been followed for the length of time the vaccine remains reactive, and has not been tested in relation to the entire vaccine schedule, then all vaccines should be refused. When industry realizes they must change their protocols to keep customers, and not deny liability for the harm they are causing to human health and development, then vaccine programs will become the safe, effective and necessary tools for preventative health that they were originally intended to be, not the cause of chronic illness and disability which they have become.


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