Is Your Anti-Perspirant As Safe As You Think It Is?

The use of aluminum salts as antiperspirants has been linked to breast cancer for some time. This is hardly surprising, given that aluminum is a known toxic substance, and has been linked to adverse effects in vaccines. Now, a new study upholds the idea that your deodorant may not be as harmless as you think it is.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology researched the long-term exposure of human breast cells to concentrations of aluminum chloride that are actually up to 100,000 times LESS than those found in antiperspirants. They found that even such low levels of aluminum caused changes in the cells, specifically “an increase of DNA synthesis, DNA double strand breaks (DSBs), and senescence [biological aging] in proliferating cultures.” Ultimately, there was “loss of contact inhibition and anchorage-independent growth.” These results suggest that aluminum does influence cell structure and behavior in a way that is similar to cancerous products, and long-term use could increase cell-aging.

In short, the use of aluminum in under-arm antiperspirants may not be as safe as one might think.


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