“Fixing” Autism

Please check out this powerful call to action from a father, Lou Melagrejo, whose eldest daughter, Bianca, is autistic.

As NESCA News put it:

On his blog, Melgarejo calls this “a silent scream about health insurance discrimination against individuals on the spectrum and the disparity in funding autism research.” Filled with statistics he found on the Autism Speaks website and set to the Coldplay song “Fix You,” this video earned him the Speak Out Award from Autism Speaks. Receiving the award at the Law Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lou stated that receiving it was the proudest moment of his life “outside of familial events”.

The video reminds us that even though autism affects 1 in every 88 children, nobody seems to care about actually preventing it. Very little funding is allocated towards researching its causes, or on helping families who struggle with it daily.

Perhaps it is just because there isn’t enough media attention. Perhaps pharmaceutical companies don’t want to explore whether there is a link between autism and their products. A story in the Southtown Star, for instance, included the story of a child who regressed into autism: “He was starting to say words,” Gaunt said of her grandson, now 6, “and then the light bulb shut off” shortly after he had a vaccine.

Please share the video with your family and friends. As Mr. Melagrejo notes, more people need to get involved in fighting autism.


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