Could Vaccines Be Responsible for a New Epidemic?

About a month ago, a team of Australian scientists released a study of Australia’s recent whooping cough epidemic. Their results were disturbing, revealing the existence of a strain or genotype of the disease that can evade the vaccine. The scientists believe this strain may be responsible for the sharp increase in the number of whooping cough cases in the country.

The results were not limited to Australia – this strain of whooping cough has been identified in other countries. This means that it could potentially cause epidemics anywhere, including the U.S.

One of the study authors specifically noted the pertussis vaccine as being the reason for the increase in cases involving this strain of the disease: “The genotype was responsible for 31 percent of cases in the 10 years before the epidemic, and that’s now jumped to 84 percent – a nearly three-fold increase, indicating it has gained a selective advantage under the current vaccination regime.”

What is occurring here is what we are always warned occurs with repeated use of antibiotics – over time, the targeted organism (the bacteria) is forced to evolve so that it can survive in spite of the antibiotic. Here, repeated use of vaccines forces disease organisms to evolve to survive despite the vaccine. All living organisms do what they have to do to survive, and sometimes that involves adapting to live with their predator – in this instance, the vaccine.

Even faced with this evidence, the study authors insist that “The vaccine is still the best way to reduce transmission of the disease and reduce case” even though “it appears to be less effective against the new strain and immunity wanes more rapidly.” They conclude, of course, that “We need to look at changes to the vaccine itself or increase the number of boosters.”

One has to ask, why? Why must we change the vaccine or give even more vaccines? Why not look for other ways to help patients experience the disease without life-threatening complications? After all, naturally acquired immunity is much better – and lasts much longer – than immunity acquired through vaccines. And it places no pressure on the organism to mutate into more harmful forms.

However, these strategies would severely impact pharmaceutical industry profits. It makes much more sense to encourage people to be vaccinated more often with vaccines that are progressively less effective, because the more often people have to be vaccinated, the more money Pharma makes. And that is why it is up to us to stay informed and exercise our right to decide for ourselves. It’s clear that we cannot rely on the pharmaceutical industry to decide for us in our own best interest.


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