CDC Admits CA Pertussis Epidemic Caused By Waning Vaccine Immunity

During the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, CDC researchers presented results from two separate independent studies that both showed that children faced a significantly higher rate of pertussis (whooping cough) infection four or more years after their fifth and final vaccination (which these days usually occurs when the children are about … Continue reading

Who Does Your Doctor Represent?

This week, the American Public Health Association is holding their annual meeting in Washington, DC. Earlier this week, we wrote about a movie being featured at that meeting. Today, we’d like to talk about another presentation at that same meeting, this time dealing with parental concerns regarding vaccine safety. As the blurb on the APHA … Continue reading

Science Plus Fiction? Still Fiction!

With more and more people beginning to question the science behind vaccines, it seems as though the authorities in charge of public health are becoming more and more desperate in their attempts to fight back. Just a couple of weeks ago, Petula Dworak at the Washington Post wrote a column arguing that parents who are … Continue reading

Feds Know of Many Cases of Autism Caused by Vax Press Conference -Tuesday Streamed Live

Action Alert Feds Know of Many Cases of Autism Caused by Vax Press Conference Tuesday Streamed Live A two-year investigation of the records of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has shown that the feds have compensated many, many cases of vaccine injury where autism was one of the injuries. The results of the investigation will … Continue reading

Vaccine Safety Conference Outlines Research Gaps

Washington, D.C. – An international meeting was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica Jan. 3-7, 2011 to discuss current vaccine science and policy safety concerns. Delegates from around the world included senior scientists and physicians, editors of scientific journals, experts in vaccine regulation, social science and health policy, consumer child health advocates, legal experts and members … Continue reading