What is Behind the Jump in Life-Threatening Allergies?

An article in the Wall Street Journal last week focused attention on the rising numbers of children with life-threatening allergies. The article cites alarming statistics: according to research published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, one in every 13 children in America has serious food allergies, with the number of children with … Continue reading

Does the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics Comprehend the Ethics of Informed Consent?

The American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, Virtual Mentor, has devoted its January 2012 issue to the question of vaccine ethics. Unsurprisingly, none of the articles deal with the very real problems that taint vaccine trials and present a false view of vaccine safety. Apparently, using reactive placebos that hide the true rate of serious … Continue reading

The Marketing of the HPV Vaccine

As we explained in our last blog post, the medical profession has an ethical obligation to explain both the risks and the benefits of any drug to a patient so that the patient can make an informed decision about whether or not to follow the doctor’s recommendation. This is particularly true for vaccines, which are … Continue reading

Useless, Expensive Anthrax Vaccine Has Everyone On Board

It seems that Emergent BioSolutions, the only manufacturer of the anthrax vaccine in America, has been working aggressively to promote its vaccine throughout our nation. Its efforts have paid off: according to MarketWatch.com, the company has been awarded a $1.25 billion contract to supply the U.S. government with 44.75 million doses of the anthrax vaccine … Continue reading

The HPV Vaccine is DNA Free – Or So We Thought

Everybody knows that Gardasil, the HPV vaccine commonly used in America, has no viral DNA: The Food and Drug Administration and Merck, the manufacturer of the vaccine, have said: GARDASIL is not a live virus vaccine; it contains no viral DNA, and is therefore incapable of causing infection. (Section 3.2, page 12). The MSD information … Continue reading

54% of Children Chronically Ill, Report Finds

A new report published in Academic Pediatrics suggests that over half of American children suffer from some chronic disease (for example, obesity, asthma, or autism). The study examined data from the 2007 National Survey of Child’s Health, which represented at least 1700 children from each state and DC. Researchers made some alarming discoveries as to … Continue reading

The Problem with Medical Science (Fiction)

Most of us would like to believe that the drugs and vaccines our doctor prescribes have been thoroughly tested and proved to be effective for whatever ails us. More and more information is coming to light to show that this is not always so. Scientific Studies An article in The Atlantic last year described the … Continue reading

Seth Mnookin, Bob’s Your Uncle! – AGE OF AUTISM

Seth Mnookin, Bob’s Your Uncle! – AGE OF AUTISM. More insight into the “vaccines don’t cause autism or serious adverse events” fraud that would be laughable if it were not detrimentally affecting millions of American children. Where are the influential mainstream media figures with the intellect, stature and audience who have the ethical backbone to … Continue reading

Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated @HeathRanger

What they won’t admit about measles outbreaks: Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated. Herd immunity is a myth and has never been scientifically proven. Most adults who have not received vaccinations since childhood will have low or no titer levels for routine vaccinations. The only portion of the population that is highly vaccinated … Continue reading

ADHD Cases on the Rise – ABC News – Are Aluminum Adjuvants to Blame? Read Articles on Aluminum on VaccineXchange.org

ADHD Cases on the Rise – ABC News. Please visit http://www.vaccineXchange.org to read several informative peer reviewed studies on aluminum adjuvants and cognitive dysfunction. We bring you the latest information and research on toxins and ingredients found in vaccines so you can make informed choices.