The Le Roy Twelve: Vaccine Victims?

As you have no doubt heard, the media has been gripped by yet another medical mystery. Twelve girls from Le Roy Junior Senior High School in upstate New York have been suffering uncontrollable movements that cause them pain, in addition to stuttering and verbal outbursts. Psychiatrists have diagnosed the girls with “conversion disorder” – a … Continue reading

How the FDA Plays Doctors and Parents for Fools and How to Stop Them!

Any parent or physician can go look up any vaccine package insert on the internet and read how a vaccine is made, what the ingredients are, how the safety study was conducted, how long the subjects were followed after vaccination, and what parameters were being measured to determine efficacy and adverse reactions. That is why I … Continue reading

Musical Entertainment to Help you Ward Off the Flu Vaccine

An entertaining musical reminder of what the flu vaccine campaign is really about, and great messages about protecting your health naturally to send to family, friends and co-workers as we head into the season of media bombardment of flu vaccine messaging. According to studies, the more we vaccinate our kids, the sicker they get. We … Continue reading

Collective Silence Ends A Life Every 20 Minutes in the US

Outreach – Autism Raw Data. This website has links to more information and ways to get involved in ending the epidemic of chronic illness and disability in children. If we do not act, no one else will. Our collective silence is ending a life as it was meant to be lived every 20 minutes, which … Continue reading

Ignoring HHS Secretary Sebelius’ Censorship Request, HDNet Covers Vaccine-Autism Link – AGE OF AUTISM

Ignoring HHS Secretary Sebelius’ Censorship Request, HDNet Covers Vaccine-Autism Link – AGE OF AUTISM. Watch this excellent coverage of vaccine safety issues faced by millions of American families. This story highlights the conundrum faced by families who have been affected by a vaccine injury but unable to receive compensation. In this news report, you will … Continue reading

WATCH THIS VIDEO! Define Better – song and music video –

Define Better – song and music video – Every parent who has been told their child needs to be placed on a mind or behavior altering drug in order to stay in school should watch this video. These drugs do not address the cause of the disorder, only mask the symptoms. Soon the child … Continue reading

Does Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Alzheimer’s?

Last week I wrote about the use of aluminum as an adjuvant (that is, something that activates the body’s immune system to the disease) in vaccines. In that post, I touched briefly on the connection between aluminum in vaccines and Alzheimer’s disease. Today, I would like to further explore that link. About Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

Aluminum in Vaccines: Why Is It So Controversial?

Aluminum is present in a variety of products you and I use every day, including skin-care products, antiperspirants, pharmaceuticals, and even water. Aluminum compounds are used in many vaccines, including the Hepatitis A and B vaccines, DTP and DtaP vaccines, and the HPV vaccines, to increase our body’s immune response to the disease. You would … Continue reading

Vaccine Machine: A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma | Long Island Press

Vaccine Machine: A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma | Long Island Press. This rare article provides a mostly accurate and balanced overview of the concerns of vaccine safety advocates, with the exception of labeling them “vaccine opponents.” By examining a wider set of viewpoints, the author reflects the concerns of the public who are concerned … Continue reading

Aluminum in Vaccines Increases Dramatically as Mercury is Removed (Except for Flu Vaccine)

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