New Report Finds 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Struggle With Mental Illness

A recent article at The Huffington Post had a startling headline: 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Had Mental Illness Last Year. A new report released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) showed the following: 20% (1 in 5) of adults 18 or older in the United States experienced mental illness over … Continue reading

How the FDA Plays Doctors and Parents for Fools and How to Stop Them!

Any parent or physician can go look up any vaccine package insert on the internet and read how a vaccine is made, what the ingredients are, how the safety study was conducted, how long the subjects were followed after vaccination, and what parameters were being measured to determine efficacy and adverse reactions. That is why I … Continue reading

NVIC Ad to Run in Times Square This New Year’s Eve

As the year comes to a close, the issue of vaccine choice is still a hot button topic. With Pharma mounting an impressive vaccine campaign, we need to educate more and more people about the problems with vaccine safety standards today. As a result, it is heartening to hear that the National Vaccine Information Center … Continue reading

NVIC Pairs Up With Mercola

Cofounder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher, has paired up with Mercola to do a number of videos regarding vaccine safety. Barbara on vaccine exemptions:   On herd immunity:     On the Institute of Medicine report (which we covered here):

Greater Good Movie Playing in NYC on Friday

We’ve been talking about the new documentary on vaccine safety, The Greater Good, on this blog for some time. This Friday, the movie will be playing at the International Film Center. After the screening, there will be a Q&A session with Leslie Manookian, who wrote and produced the film, as well as Barbara Loe Fisher, … Continue reading

Pro-Pharma Groups Boycott Delta For Airing Ad on Vaccine Safety

The National Vaccine Information Center has been airing an ad promoting awareness of vaccine safety issues on Delta Airlines’ inflight video service. The ad is fairly innocuous: Unsurprisingly, however, certain pro-pharma groups are mounting a boycott to suppress this message. We cannot tolerate threats and the suppression of this information by corporate interests – we … Continue reading

Are You Aware?

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest developments in vaccine science and informed consent laws. It seems every week, new research is released, or a new story grabs the news. How can you know which study is most reliable? One of the ways to keep up with the constant onslaught of information is … Continue reading

Please Watch this Important Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin

Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin. Please watch this important warning about serious repercussions the flu shot has had for this family of health care workers. As health care workers are increasingly being forced to get a flu shot or lose their jobs, it is critical that people see first hand the damage … Continue reading

Check out the new NVIC website!

The National Vaccine Information Center has a new website, featuring the following video on the Health Liberty Revolution: Take 14 minutes of your life to learn critically important information that can help you, your family, friends, co-workers and community make informed decisions that can prevent a lifetime of chronic illness and disability – please share … Continue reading

Dr. Mercola and NVIC Pair Up for Vaccine Awareness Week

Hoffman Estates, IL – Dr. Mercola and the National Vaccine Information Center are sponsoring their annual Vaccine Awareness Week, with new articles and video profiles of the vaccine injured and their families plus an exclusive free online viewing of the groundbreaking documentary film, “The Greater Good.” Once again, from October 30th through November 5th, Dr. Joseph Mercola and the … Continue reading