Paul Offit Teaches Online Course Selling Vaccines to the Public?

Dr. Paul Offit is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and author of such fear-mongering titles as Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All and Killing Us Softly: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine. Next month, the good professor is also going to be teaching … Continue reading

How the FDA Plays Doctors and Parents for Fools and How to Stop Them!

Any parent or physician can go look up any vaccine package insert on the internet and read how a vaccine is made, what the ingredients are, how the safety study was conducted, how long the subjects were followed after vaccination, and what parameters were being measured to determine efficacy and adverse reactions. That is why I … Continue reading

Does the HPV Vaccine Really Fight Cancer?

A new paper published in the Annals of Medicine argues that, as we have said for some time now, the HPV vaccine may not be as effective as health authorities claim. The paper begins by summarizing one of the key points in the vaccine safety debate: since vaccines are given to healthy people to guard … Continue reading

Our Media: Big Pharma Shills

You may have heard that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is on the track to coming out with a malaria vaccine. The media has been all over the story: the vaccine supposedly cuts the risk of clinical and severe malaria by 56 and 47% respectively. Natural News points out that, while the vaccine may indeed protect against malaria, … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season: Why Not To Get A Flu Shot

As we head into flu season and are deluged with media messages, shopping discounts, pressure from physicians, films exploiting our fear of deadly infectious diseases, pressure from employers and the multibillion dollar flu vaccine marketing machinery, it is a good time to examine the scientific evidence behind flu vaccine safety and effectiveness. An article in … Continue reading

Judicial Watch Special Report on Gardasil: How Safe And Effective Is It?

A few years ago, Judicial Watch, a non-partisan educational foundation dedicated to transparency and accountability in government, published a review of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) records relating to Gardasil, the HPV vaccine marketed by Merck, that it had requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Although it was published in 2008, this Special Report … Continue reading

Because NIH Scientists Consider Babies to be No Different than “Small Adults” NIH-Supported Scientists Examine Adjusting Flu Shot for Tots : Saint Louis University : SLU

NIH-Supported Scientists Examine Adjusting Flu Shot for Tots : Saint Louis University : SLU. This alarming announcement about doubling the dose of flu vaccine given to babies demonstrates a callous disregard for the health of children between 6 months and 35 months who will be affected if flu vaccine policy is changed. A sample size … Continue reading

Survey Results: Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier? — Yes – According to this Survey

Survey Results: Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier? — The Healthy Home Economist. Please take the time and read and share the information in this report. Stunning differences in health outcomes reported by completely unvaccinated children compared to the rates of disease found in the general population lends further evidence to the questions posed by many parents … Continue reading

The Problem with Medical Science (Fiction)

Most of us would like to believe that the drugs and vaccines our doctor prescribes have been thoroughly tested and proved to be effective for whatever ails us. More and more information is coming to light to show that this is not always so. Scientific Studies An article in The Atlantic last year described the … Continue reading

Aluminum in Vaccines: Why Is It So Controversial?

Aluminum is present in a variety of products you and I use every day, including skin-care products, antiperspirants, pharmaceuticals, and even water. Aluminum compounds are used in many vaccines, including the Hepatitis A and B vaccines, DTP and DtaP vaccines, and the HPV vaccines, to increase our body’s immune response to the disease. You would … Continue reading