The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Controversy

Last week’s news about the harassment of FDA scientists and doctors who informed Congress that the FDA was approving risky medical devices showed the lengths to which pharmaceutical industries are willing to go to protect their interests. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – an organization tasked with the protection of American consumers – … Continue reading

Please Watch this Important Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin

Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin. Please watch this important warning about serious repercussions the flu shot has had for this family of health care workers. As health care workers are increasingly being forced to get a flu shot or lose their jobs, it is critical that people see first hand the damage … Continue reading

Please Forward to @AndersonCooper and Others Who are Dismissing the Suffering of Thousands of Gardasil Injured Girls

ATTN: IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT HPV VACCINE Thirteen samples  of Gardasil from several countries and states within the USA were recently tested and 100% found to be contaminated with recombinant HPV DNA. The potential health consequences are serious, including autoimmunity and malignancies. Elsewhere on our site, can be found copies of press releases, and a letter … Continue reading

“Contagion” – The Reviews are In!

The #1 boxoffice hit last weekend was Contagion, described as a “cheap trick” and “just plain booooring propaganda movie” despite the “heavyweight” lineup of A list actors including Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslett and Marion Cotillard. The only thing missing from this laughably transparent promotion of unnecessary and unsafe vaccines was a flu shot clinic … Continue reading

The HPV Vaccine is DNA Free – Or So We Thought

Everybody knows that Gardasil, the HPV vaccine commonly used in America, has no viral DNA: The Food and Drug Administration and Merck, the manufacturer of the vaccine, have said: GARDASIL is not a live virus vaccine; it contains no viral DNA, and is therefore incapable of causing infection. (Section 3.2, page 12). The MSD information … Continue reading

SANE Vax Inc. Discovers Potential Bio-hazard Contaminant in Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV 4 Vaccine | SaneVax

SANE Vax Inc. Discovers Potential Bio-hazard Contaminant in Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV 4 Vaccine | SaneVax. 100% of vials tested from New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Poland, France and three states in the U.S. contained genetically modified HPV Recombinant DNA from HPV-11 and HPV-18. These contaminants were firmly attached to aluminum adjuvants, which result in the DNA … Continue reading