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Please tell us your vaccination story. Did you notice a change in your child’s health or development after vaccination?  Did you seek treatment and has it improved your child’s health outcome? We want to hear your story so it can be shared with others who may be experiencing similar reactions or symptoms. We hope that by sharing our stories with each other, parents can learn how to protect their children’s health and well-being and form a caring community of parents, grandparents, caregivers and educators who can provide information and support to one another.

Please be kind and respectful of others’ experiences and choices; seek to inspire and be inspired. Comments that are disrespectful will not be posted, but we seek to include many perspectives.

8 Responses to “Tell Your Story”
  1. JD says:

    I have three children and the oldest is 8. I vaccinated him with the recommended schedule on time and began noticing health and developmental problems. At two he had not begun to talk even though he was around teachers and other kids at day care and he had constant ear infections. He started talking when he was three but he was diagnosed with a profound speech delay and impairment. His fine and gross motor skills are impaired. He would trip and fall constantly, and he tests at a kindergarten level for handwriting, three years behind grade level. His younger sister’s handwriting is much better than his, and she is two years younger. I became concerned about the large number of vaccines that are given when they are so young, and when my second child was age two, I stopped vaccinating both children, and my son’s health began to improve. One lingering problem occurs whenever he gets sick – he always breaks out into a skin rash whenever he gets a fever. His speech bagan to improve after I stopped vaccinating and he could speak in full sentences but still had articulation problems. My second child was vaccinated with all of the recommended vaccines up until the age of two. I decided not to vaccinate my third child and she had RSV and pneumonia,with no lasting health effects, but has been the fastest to develop speech and can speak very clearly, articulating words at a level beyond her age. She has been very healthy other than those infections. Her gross and fine motor skills are very advanced for her age and can draw her shapes at age 2, and her gross motor skills are developing very well. She learns new things very quickly, has good eye contact and social skills. She has fewer tantrums that are less severe than the other two, and seems to cope well with changes her environment and schedule better than the others. I get comments from others saying she acts much older than she looks and that her speech and social skills are very mature for her age. It is hard every time I go to the doctor or hospital, with the pressure that is exerted, but I know I am doing the right thing for her and for having stopped vaccinating the others.

  2. Dean McKenna says:

    My friend’s daughter ended up having massive epileptic seizures right after receiving the mmr vaccine. Unbelievably, the docs insisted that this had nothing to do with the vaccine!

  3. Vaccine Industry Expert says:

    This should settle all the discussion. New report finds vaccine side effects are rare, manageable.

  4. Learned the Hard Way says:

    The story pasted below was published in the Washington Post on 10/18 and I missed it – it’s now running in lots of papers around the country. Pretty low-brow for the Post and very nasty tone.

    I just love how they like to try to cast everyone who has concerns about vaccines as “stupid.” As if Jenny McCarthy represents me or anyone else I know. Somehow, they only focus on one part of the research, spin it and conveniently ignore other parts . That’s not going to work. They fail to recognize that the people concerned about vaccine safety now include the entire spectrum of the public. Trying to paint us all as idiots is a dumb tactic. How about the new data about physician attitudes? Looks like younger doctors are worried too – those who graduated from medical school within the past 5 years were 15% more likely than older doctors to think that “immunizations do more harm than good” and to believe that “polio, measles, rubella, varicella and mumps vaccines were not safe.” ( So, they’re dumb and uneducated too? And they want to think it’s because the young doctors have never seen a case of measles – and thus, one more time vaccines are a victim of their own success? Not quite a full explanation.

    Here’s part of the reason that the physician data looks like it does:

    The daughter of one of my best friends is currently in medical school and they are being totally beaten up about how important vaccines are and that they they don’t cause harm. The stories she’s told me about what they are taught are totally outrageous. The problem is, her baby brother had a very bad reaction after his 15-month shots and at 16 years old he still cannot talk, is severely mentally handicapped and medically fragile and has dozens of seizures every day despite having four brain surgeries and being on tons of medication and is immune system is a total train wreck…. Although my friend is a surgeon, they are nearly bankrupt from paying for care that he needs that insurance won’t cover. Her daughter knows that her mother re-mortgaged the house to pay for her medical school because all the savings were used up taking care of her brother. And, she’s enough older than her brother to remember exactly what happened to him the day he was vaccinated and what he was like beforehand. She’s not buying the story she’s being told in medical school. If 1 out of every 100 kids is autistic, then there’s a lot of people who witnessed a temporal association between vaccination and disability. And the “just coincidence” story – over and over and over again – isn’t ringing true for these young doctors – or anyone else.

  5. We came across this story at the blog of Cintia Taylor, a journalist based in Amsterdam, and thought it belonged here. The following is pasted directly from her blog:

    The following post is not a journalistic piece, does not fulfill the objectivity criteria defined by my profession nor is it in line with what I would usually write on my blog. But taking the circumstances and the person involved I felt compelled to do so.

    If you usually follow BBC news you may have noticed something different lately. Top journalist Malcolm Brabant hasn’t been on that often. And that’s because he has been unwell after taking a Stamaril vaccine from pharmaceutical Sanofi Pasteur.

    Malcolm’s witty reporting is a prime example of top professionalism and great talent. He is what I call an old-time journalist. And this is good. Old-timers do journalism because they believe in it. They seek no fortune or glory. For them journalism is a way of life. It were the old-timers who got me to decide to become a journalist when I was merely 13 years old. Here was a lousy paid job with the greatest perk of all: a sense of mission.

    Like any good old-timers Malcolm has had his share of adventure. He got the Greek minister of finance to say the Germans should be grateful for all the gold the Nazis had taken from Greece during WWII and which has never been returned. He has also broken an expensive table at the Greek Prime Minister’s office when he fell on it while preparing for an interview. Unfortunately for us, the camera wasn’t rolling at the time.

    Malcolm has been named the King of Stringers by Roomyverse blog. And they’re right. Not only is Brabant one of the best journalists I have ever had the honour to work with (and learn from), he is also the man who has always fought against injustice towards BBC freelancers. A sort of an union man with no official post, if you like.

    And alongside his journalism responsibilities, Malcolm has been working with UNICEF as well.

    It is no wonder then that is has saddened us to see how the man who has been reporting on injustice across the world is now its victim.

    On 15 April this year, Malcolm took a Stamaril jab in Athens against yellow fever. He was getting ready to travel to Pakistan once more for UNICEF. But things didn’t go as planned.

    Within 24hours he was admitted to hospital with high fever. He was also suffering from psychotic effects. He was in a limbo between life and death. We hoped things would get better when he wittily posted on Facebook of how happy he was he could watch the royal wedding from his hospital room.

    But Malcolm has been in and out of hospital ever since suffering from high fever or psychotic events. Doctors suspect the Stamaril vaccine he took in April was contaminated.

    But both producer Sanofi Pasteur and Greek distributor Vianex have told his family there was nothing wrong with that batch of Stamaril.

    Yet, Malcolm’s family says his blood was tested by his psychiatrist upon Vianex’s request and without their consent.

    Because of his condition Malcolm has been unable to work as much as expected and hasn’t been his normal self.

    In Malcolm’s contract with UNICEF there is a clause on compensation in case of illness or death before or during the assignment. But so far there hasn’t been any signs from UNICEF that a compensation will in fact be paid. The organisation’s legal team seems to be questioning the link between the vaccine and Malcolm’s condition.

    While it is now impossible to establish whether the Stamaril vaccine Malcolm took was in fact contaminated, doctors have found no other evidence of what could have caused this illness but the jab.

    I sent an email to the media relations of Sanofi Pasteur asking for their position on the matter but I haven’t received any reply from them.

    Silence can sometimes be the obvious answer, but it should never be the response when there is a human life in question. After all, the purpose of pharmaceuticals should be to heal us and make us better.


    An Interview i did with vaccine damage researcher you might enjoy reading


    one of my cases posted for public viewing
    3 month old baby with severe seizures caused by vaccines just given

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